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17th Mar 2013
Hello world!
28th Dec 2018

Get your Free Logo

We're excited to announce that we're giving a free logo to everyone that signs up for a web hosting account with us, seems bogus? How are we doing it? we'll we've partnered with a few friends of ours and the result of said partnership means that we can add value to our clients. we believe in value, we know that people want value for their money, and we also know how much can cost you to get a logo designed. we've met the right people and believe that this could be the first of many great offerings what re you waiting for? sign up now!


1Okay, so whats the catch here?
In reality, there is no catch, we just want to make your business more recognizable, in the hopes that you'll talk about of course and hopefully we'll be able to secure more business from that... but in this instance you WIN everything
2So I host my domain with you and I get a free logo? thats it?
Yes That's it, we have our servers in one of South Africa's most reliable data centres we've experienced very little to no downtime at all, so your emails and website will always be online when you need it most, and that's what counts right?
3whats a domain? is that the same as a website?
A domain name is the name that you're found by on the internet, it is not the same as your website. your website will show when for example, is typed into a browser, this will then display the content that is hosted on your domain name is also responsible for your emails should you choose to create any
4How long should I be client of ThriftKing Design?
The deal here is that you stay at least 6 months with us, thats not too much to ask for right?
5So after I sign up how long will it take to get my logo?
our turnaround time at the moment is 48-72hours from concept to delivery, compared to our competitors we're pretty quick!
6Do I keep the logo forever?
Yes, it's all forever yours!
7How do I sign up?
There's a button at the bottom of this post, click away, register an account with us and Bob's your uncle, well not really, we don't know who Bob is, but unlike Bob we will definitely hold our end of the bargain
8Can I see your work?
certainly, we're constantly updating our portfolio, you can view it here

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