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3rd Mar 2016
A Personal Brand – Mlu Manda A User Interface Designer
3rd Mar 2016
How Might We Reshape The South African Asset Management Industry?
3rd Mar 2016

The Process

I first found out what other designers use for their portfolio's so essentially I did a Competitive Analysis on a few platforms before going my route. I Sketched, wireframed, prototyped and finally built the website


Lessons learned

Personal projects are difficult to execute because of bias, so it's always better to rope in a friend or two along with a design dissenter (someone who isn't afraid to take your design apart) this shares the load, and also enables you to bring the best design to people


Impact of the project

well the intended impact is for increased visibility in the market place. However more immediately I hope to have less anxiety about keeping my portfolio up to date.


Reflections on my experiences

I've always designed websites for people, perhaps and some other design work too, I've never really sat down and taken time to execute the same level of work for myself, this was really taxing, because nothing could ever be good enough or perfect to the extent of my wants.



I'd like to acknowledge all my friends who used their hard-earned money bought data to preview links I sent them, my design dissent Kgalalelo Mokoko and Lara Templemore-Walters