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28th Dec 2018
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22nd Oct 2019

So then, we’re here, at the end of another year, and for some they cannot help but feel that this was just another of those years where things were extremely tough, while this experience of the year holds true for some, it doesn’t for all.

What I’ve come to understand is that the year is made for us, and not the other way around, the tendency is that we have come to expect goodness out of a non-living entity, we expect a month to be more favourable than the last without changing anything we did in the outgoing month.

its easy to miss a target you did not know you were aiming for…

We hope for a better year, but have not made the necessary changes in our fundamental make up as people to ensure that the change we desire can without a doubt show forth.

The most important lesson to take away here is that the year really has no power over what happens to us or our businesses, and that we are responsible for that manifestation of good we want to live in.

In the coming year, take a little time to plan your trajectory, its easy to miss a target you did not know you were aiming for. We have started offering Strategy Consultative Sessions, and these will help your business immensely with identifying your goals, setting a path to meet those goals and most importantly making money.

We here at Thiftking Design wish you a happy, prosperous new year

P.S we know how we can make it a happy prosperous new year indeed.


Mlu Manda
Creative Director
ThriftKing Design

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